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Build & Grow Your Business with Compelling Design and Powerful Storytelling.


Moving from a big idea to a well-executed
product takes experience & expertise

What kind of creative problem
your business is trying to solve?

If you want to stand out, your brand needs to stand for something. Happy Monday partners
with businesses that are ready to define their vision and create a brand that makes
competitors jealous. We’re ready to show you how... you don't even have to tip us!


Step 01


Determine your needs + goals + audience + brand

The first step is a discovery phase that allows us determine your needs, goals, your target audience, and what makes your brand unique. Once we have a solid brand platform and strategy, we’ll be able to start designing and writing awesome content.


Step 02


Build a brand identity + website + campaign

In this next step, we can start exploring a visual brand identity and design a website that tells an engaging story that makes your audience want to buy from you or work with you.


Step 03


Launch your campaign + website and get results

Once we’ve published your brand and awesome website, we launch a campaign to let your audience know that you’re open for business.


Ready to Get Started?


Creative Services

Designing engaging and successful user experiences for print and web.
Whatever your industry, I have the experience to help you determine your next steps. 


Branding & Logo Design

Branding involves more than designing a logo. I work to understand your business needs so that your brand will communicate effectively with your audience—no matter the medium.


UX/UI Responsive Web Design

Designing user-friendly website experiences that customers and search engines will embrace, no matter the device. The goal is to get more traffic, more leads and more sales.

Print Design

Traditional print design services encompass many types of real world expressions, including brochures, business cards, print ads, postcards, tradeshow signage, and more.


Digital Marketing Design

Effective banner ad and social media design helps build your brand, attract more qualified leads, and convert to paying customers.

Great work happens with great clients!

I've built a solid reputation for producing strategic and creative solutions that really get results.


 Are you a small business looking for a Branding and design?

What Can We Design For You?

Whether you need a new brand or a refresh of your current brand, Happy Monday specializes in creative solutions for branding, print design, and web design for every type of organization, from small businesses to corporate enterprises. Even if you don’t know where to start or what kinds of design tools you will need to support your company, we can collaborate with you to help identify your goals and prioritize what you need while saving you time and money. 


Are you an agency looking for an outsource
designer to fill a short-term talent gap?

Freelance UX/UI Web Designer

Are you a marketer, agency or web firm with talent gaps in your internal team? Are you looking for a highly-skilled creative talent, UX/UI web designer, and print designer who can jump into projects on short-term notice? Happy Monday’s mission is to work with your agency, design firm, business, or organization to fully understand your freelance needs and deliver valuable creative solutions that reflect the quality of work that you have promised your client.