Renaissance Faire


Good morrow! At the re-created 16th Century English village at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, we found ourselves listening to actors and merchants speaking in the Elizabethan language. In contrast, we visited the English Heritage Festival of History in Warwickshire, England in 2003. That festival was such a powerful sensory experience, it really made us feel as though we had actually gone back in time.

As our midwestern merchants made every effort to speak the King's English in order to embellish the ambiance of the English Village Theme, I thought of Shakespeare and Geoffrey Chaucer. I wondered what they would think of the Ohio RenFest.

I took some time to read a little bit of the Canterbury Tales again. I've decided that it might be easier to make up a words by adding a "st" to the end of them.

Thou should'st fare thee well! (or something like that)

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