Hybrid Creative People

Our interactive team was just "given" a newly graduated print designer. For some reason, traditional advertising agencies think all designers are hybrid designers. It's amazing how few agencies are breaking down their work, looking at the traditional to interactive mix, and responding by hiring more talent with real cross-disciplinary skills who can produce campaigns both online and offline.

I think I am a true hybrid designer. I spent years as an illustrator and print designer before taking on multimedia and interactive design. Anyway, it’s up to me to establish benchmarks and guidelines for where this new designer should be in the next 90 days. Here's the checklist for the reading materials I've created so far. Hopefully, we can create someone who can play both ways, traditional and digital.

• interactive development process document
• interactive capabilities document
• interactive team strengths list
• interactive questionnaire
• web planning stages
• web estimate template
• competitive analysis template
• client survey
• sitemap template
• server file organization
• usability guidelines
• user experience deliverables
• how to build Photoshop comps
• how to slice PSDs
• IA glossary
• evaluating IA
• web QC checklist and definitions
• flash QC checklist and definitions