Illustration Friday: Sign-off


I was telling someone a story today about being in college in Savannah and doing my projects in the middle of the night. The only thing I had in my studio was a tiny TV on a milk crate, a radio, my art supplies, and a bed. It reminded me that there were only 3 TV stations. Does anyone else miss the television sign-off during the overnight hours? The national anthem, the test pattern, and the static... It was like getting a personal "good night" message and you wondered if anyone else was awake.

I just couldn't draw a sign. So, for this topic, I used the oldest, most neglected art supplies in my house to do a collage of my old TV and other random stuff. I used a rapidograph with Letraset dry transfer color paper. I still have sheets left from my prepress days. Why did I keep this stuff? Am I expecting to spec type anytime soon? Oh heck... who doesn't like the swish of an x-acto knife and the smell of rubber cement on a Friday? Don't ask me what I was thinking with this's strange.