Caricature of Liam and Sully


As the rain falls in Orlando, I wanted to take a moment to share a new work of art. Although, I can't claim this one. It's from a talented artist named Greg Gray. When we arrived back at the hotel at 11pm last night, we found a crowd gathered in the lobby around a caricaturist. Caricature artists always seem to be a huge hit for all ages - from the youngest to the oldest. So, we sat Liam down to pose for his own drawing. As the crowd grew, I realized that everyone wants to be drawn, even if just to see how they would look as a cartoon. Greg is very talented and seemingly tireless. He never failed to be engaging, genuine and a real pleasure. He doesn't even seem to mind the grumpy little models who can't sit still after a long day in the Disney empire. And even though Sully is in Indiana, he still managed to make it into the drawing. Of course, Greg was kind enough to draw Liam with his new sword, kilt and tam o' shanter. Liam Caricature