Awash in a Leaky Raft...


Since the theme of the week is "worry", I wanted to show off a series of direct mail pieces that I concepted and illustrated. The illustrations were created using Illustrator and Photoshop as a photomontage. However, my favorite part is the powerful copywriting that engages the senses. I included an excerpt from each of them.

Adrift in the South Pacific night. Awash in a leaky raft. And you've got company.

Unenviable circumstances. Raw. Exposed. Unseen visitors cut a course through your ebbing confidence. Circling. The bumps and brushes are purposeful. Sensing your vulnerability. Tread water and fall prey. Embark upon a panicked swim to safety only to find that the nearest solid ground is two miles straight down. Rather than becoming someone's entree, take a stand before calamity befalls you. Proactively face the unforeseen by preparing a sustainable plan for survival.

You're lost in the Amazon. "Armed" with a flashlight. And you've got company.

The night is alive. It creeps. It slithers. It glides effortlessly awaiting your next breath. Your skin crawls. And without warning, your one beacon in the jungle ink–like a dying ember–flickers out. Darkness drops like a curtain. Panic prods you to run. Reason reminds you that a merciless river snakes its way between you and safety. The water ripples. The branches constrict. Uncertainty reigns. Yet you needn't succumb to the "safety" of inaction–where one's lack of choosing ultimately decides one's fate. Before all means of escape are inextricably closed off, proactively face the unforeseen by creating a sustainable plan for survival.

It's pitch black on the African savanna. You're "equipped" with mosquito repellent. And you've got company.

Night has fallen. And "here kitty, kitty" isn't going to get it done. You're on their turf. And they're watching your every move. Fail to act and fall prey. Panic and you'll face a predictable end. Rather than becoming someone else's entree, take a stand. In the midst of crisis, face the challenges by adopting a sustainable plan for survival.

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