Illustration Friday: Wide


The Boardwalk. Reliving memories of a bygone era. We stroll along wide sandy beaches and the calming waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I try some salt water taffy. Blech! I should've gotten boiled peanuts instead. You can never go wrong with boiled peanuts. We stop into a dingy arcade and drop a quarter into Madam Zola's Fortune-o-Matic. She reminds me that I can't go on vacation without buying a cheap trinket from the chintzy souvenir shop. *This is what I dream of doing next week instead of being forced into flex week hours just to have next Friday off for the holiday.* Anyway, I did this illustration with a wide range of mediums. Pixel art, pencil, pen & ink, Photoshop, etc. If you look really closely, you can see Sully back there on the Boardwalk.

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