Illustration Friday: Detach


Whenever I needed a hole drilled, I would have to ask Jim to get out the heavy duty Dewalt or the rotary Dremel. I would never attempt to use them myself because they are bigger than Sully (and heavier). And just generally a pain in the booty to use on such small projects. After months hem-hawing around, I finally bought myself a Dremel Stylus. It's become my new favorite tool after my soldering iron. All day, I've been walking around the house looking for things to sand, drill, polish—you name it. After I got all my chores out of the way, I decided to look up the Illustration Friday topic for this week. Lo and behold, the word was "detach". Now that I have the Dremel Stylus, I couldn't have asked for a better time to cut apart one of my square wood panel paintings and make it into a detached sculptured piece. How's that for creatively pushing the limits of this week's topic?

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