I'm Dropping my Shorts!


We’re launching a network of small websites offering a variety of content and offers ranging from facts, tips and tricks to funny videos. Essentially, it’s a lead generation network for a client of ours that is driven through user search preference. Each week, we will release a brand new video short. The videos are campy, but in a way that will make them more endearing to each target audience. If you sign up, you will be a witness to my acting debut in the coming weeks. So don't let us down...come back from week to week, show your support, and keep those forms filled out. And of course, if you like the videos...share the love and link em' anywhere and everywhere. We're not modest; we want to drop our shorts wherever we can. Thank for your support!

Here's a link to the first site to be launched: http://short-terminsurance.info

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