Hello World Design Featured on Dooce


The initiative for the SmartZip™ design came from 4 a.m. diaper-changes and "please just go back to sleep" prayers. Amazingly, a sleep-deprived brain was able to come up with a solution: a baby sleeper with a two-way zipper, giving easy access to both ends. After doing a patent search, everyone was amazed that no one had thought of it before.

In 2007, WAHM Cynthia Wise set out to create an innovative clothing company for infants and children. Shortly after designing the initial sleeper, she engaged with a clothing manufacturer to create a test product. It was during his time that Cynthia first devised the patent-pending SmartZip™ Sleeper, an infant clothing product to help make parent’s diaper changing days and nights a little easier. The SmartZip™ Sleeper is footed sleeper with a two-way zipper. It unzips from the top like conventional sleepers, but also has a zipper pull at the ankle allowing you to unzip for access to the bottom only when changing a diaper.

I partnered with Cynthia Wise to help her launch the Hello World Clothing Company™ brand. At the outset of our collaboration, we set about to create a clothing company brand that told a consistent and inspiring story at every consumer touchpoint. It was my goal to harness the competitive advantage of her sleeper design.

Most significantly, her personal experience enthused her to create a clothing brand that would promote friendliness and a network in society by encouraging people to say Hello. Eventually, the clothing company would allow her to build a philanthropic foundation that donates to children’s charities. Because Cynthia really wanted to create a social network around her future charitable foundation, she saw the clothing company as a way to help people to “say hello” and interact with her and the world around them. Her goal was to start a conversation with her clothing. Thus, we called her company “Hello World”.

Once Hello World Clothing Company™ became a reality, I partnered with Lindsey Hockman and Miranda McCage to provide blogging and social media consultation in order to introduce her to the world of mommy blogging. We pointed her toward a few key blogs, including Dooce.com for examples of well-written content. We also suggested she send products to key bloggers in order to get her company name out there.

Yesterday, Hello World saw the success of more than a 2-year long ideation, manufacturing and branding journey. Hello World was prominently featured on Dooce.com, the leading example of a well-written personal blog about motherhood. Dooce is ranked 26th on Forbes’ list of the most influential women in media. As a result of publicity, there has been an almost 1,325% increase in site traffic. The sales have been non-stop for 3 days.

Congratulations to Cynthia Wise and the Hello World Clothing Company™. It is a pleasure to see Hello World getting recognition for it’s innovative and functional clothing.

Why not say hello to your own SmartZip™ Sleeper at the Hello World Clothing Company™ website.