Website Bakery Launches


I'm excited to finally announce the beta launch of my creative inspiration website. Website Bakery is an online exhibition website that aggregates art, design, illustration, web design, crafts, products, etc. The finest individual exhibits will be handpicked by the Website Bakery curator for promotion to the site’s home page.

After years of brainstorming and many iterations, I originally brought the Website Bakery to life in 2008. During that time, I was constantly changing my mind about the site details and subsequently launch was put off several times. In 2010, I finally decided that if I ever wanted to get it launched, the Website Bakery would have to be a living, breathing site where changes would happen as the site grows. I have a million random bookmarks that I love for one reason or another and wanted to share them.

So, if you love random inspiration from everywhere like I do, check the Bakery out. And if you want, get to submitting your inspiration too!