Honestly Becky!


I love the name of this blog! As she says... "Some may read it as ‘Honestly, Becky.’ Becky who is open and authentic so that we can see who she really is and trust her (and therefore, her coaching). But, “Honestly Becky!” is also what she used to hear when she was in trouble. As in “Honestly Becky! Did you think we wouldn’t find out about the ‘secret’ party you invited the senior class to when we were out of town?” Becky's blog is intended to let you see who she is and why life coaching rocks for everyone. Her blog is intended to show you that you can live with Passion, on Purpose, and in Peace… while having a hell of a lot of fun and letting that rebel inside come out to play. Sort of like having a major rager when your parents are out of town...

Go ahead, check Becky out!!!!!

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