Brunswick Boat Group/
Cypress Cay Pontoons

UI Design, Microsite Design, Print Design, Illustration


Brunswick Boat Group owns 7 separate pontoon boat brands that jointly commanded about 12 percent of the market share. The company wanted to improve the performance of its Triton line—a division better known for aluminum fishing boats than family watercraft. Brunswick needed a new brand image that would convey the family friendly appeal of pontooning and reach out to younger boat buyers. Because the design of the pontoon line was still being finalized while marketing materials were being prepared, the focus was on the boating experience rather than the boat itself.


The campaign, which featured a consumer website with build-a-boat functionality, print brochures, and emails, captured the emotions of the target audience by recalling fond memories on the water and conveying that with Cypress Cay, they could create special, memorable experiences with their own kids.


With just four months before the debut of the redesigned boat at Brunswick’s annual dealer meeting, an entirely new identity was developed and executed. Brunswick hoped to sell as many as 300 boats during the meeting and an additional 300 boats over the next 12 months. Instead, the company was overwhelmed with orders—622 by the end of the three-day event.