Bonfire is a corporate coaching company with over 30 years of experience; it offers both on-site and remote training options for your customer service training needs. The company was at a pivotal moment in its history. While gearing up and preparing for a rebrand, the organization was also striving to maintain and increase its primary source of leads: online, inbound marketing. Strategically, the organization wanted to build the inflow of new visitors, drive repeat business and upsell product offerings while also setting the foundation for a seamless brand transition. The client had already been working with an agency for a year on the rebrand and some initial website designs. After more than a year into the relationship, where the designs were less than stellar, they came to agreement that it was time to part ways with the old agency.  

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Sitemap & Wireframes

Responsive Website Design

Business Card Design

Sales Sheet Design



  • Increase the number of leads and speed time to close for turnkey training programs, both from the national and local markets.

  • Drive repeat business with existing client base and deepen industry market share within the utility, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Establish additional value for licensing clients to improve retention rates.

  • Build sales of webinar programs and enhance utilization of online content.

  • Build additional curriculum to enhance scope of services.


  • The new brand name needed to be reflected in all the new design deliverables. A bonfire is bright, inviting circle where people gather to communicate, have fun and where they feel comfortable sharing ideas and keeps everyone connected. Because the “Respect the Spark/Fan the Flame” brand idea was already pre-determined by the former agency, the concepts and visuals needed to be introduced into all the new design deliverables.

  • I took over the project with the understanding that the re-design would be based on an existing responsive Wordpress theme. The desktop and mobile versions of the website was completely re-designed along with implementing a new strategy for key messaging to explain “What We do”, “Why We do it”, and “How We do it” for the primary decision makers.

  • Key Opportunities

    • The content needed to be high-quality, engaging, and focused specifically on front-line employee communication skills. When discussing the variety of training programs, everyone should understand that the skills will “light up” their potential.

    • Within the design, the client wanted an opportunity to leverage the expertise and entertainment value of existing webinars, but needed to ensure the content library was promoted with enthusiasm and ease of use on the new website.

  • The sales sheets and other communication materials were re-designed with new brand content to reflect the new brand positioning as a solution for longer-term results.

  • The development team built over 7 dynamic templates including a blog page. Part of the modules built for them helped strike a balance between communication management and interpersonal relationships in training sessions.


  • New Business Acquisition

  • Repeat Business from Existing Clients

  • New Licenses Sold

  • New Webinar Subscription Sales