Covenant Healthcare System


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Located in Lubbock, Texas, Covenant Health System is the largest health care institution in the West Texas and Eastern New Mexico region.


  • Increased competition from regional care centers was cutting into Covenant’s consumer awareness and eroding brand preference.

  • After a period of rapid online growth, Covenant found itself with a network of 13 loosely connected websites with no unified global presence. Because of this, it was extremely difficult for visitors to effectively utilize the site, and it was difficult to manage content at the corporate level.


  • To improve the website’s functionality, the information architecture was re-structured to improve categorization and labeling across all service lines. In addition, a standardized approach to navigation and global brand elements was implemented. The website was redesigned to reflect cohesive brand identity across all service lines, and provide a more user-friendly experience.

  • This website concept positioned Covenant as a patient-focused organization by utilizing actual photos of real people from around the west Texas region. Nothing spoke more truly to their users better than real people shown in real environments, from identifiable small-town landmarks, storefronts, and farmhouses to front porches and ranch settings. By also identifying the names of the people and places pictured, Covenant moved closer to home in the hearts of site users. Supporting graphics and content layout are clear and segmented to facilitate clear calls-to-action.

  • Covenant’s advertising campaign was designed to communicate the brand promise. Developed using extensive consumer testing, the campaign showcased Covenant’s emphasis on providing an excellent patient experience. Bright, colorful direct mail, print ads, patient video stories, and experiential marketing were developed to target consumers. In addition, brochures, letters, postcards, sales sheets and contact sheets aimed at physicians work to build trust.


  • At the time, the campaign achieved 111% of its total goal. It generated almost 2,000 responses—more than 1,700 of which called the campaign’s dedicated vanity number. From these, 781 screenings were scheduled. With an ROI of $1.94, this campaign was a success.

  • Due to the success of the initial campaigns, Covenant had to hold off further media placement and direct mail drops due to the new center’s full appointment schedule.

  • won the prestigious Healthcare Provider Standard of Excellence Award from the Web Marketing Association.

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