Dr. Itchy

ParaPRO is a specialty pharmaceutical company that developed an innovative, new head lice treatment to help parents safely and effectively treat head lice in ten minutes without combing.

The Dr. Itchy character was created as a stand-alone brand to help school nurses and parents communicate and educate children about head lice. To the elementary aged child, Dr. Itchy is the fun head lice expert who makes it easy and comfortable to talk about head lice characters like Clouse the Louse and how to treat them. The doctor was intended to be sympathetic to the stress and panic parents feel and the embarrassment of children.

The Dr. Itchy brand website, resource kit, animated series, coloring book pages and Head Lice Hunt Flash game were created to show children that the doctor is on a mission to change the stigma surrounding head lice and exposing myths. Within the game, the lice are hidden underneath patches of hair. When the uses clicks on different patches, the items underneath would be revealed. The goal was to clear the level within a certain time limit.


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