Egg Donation, Inc.

Egg Donation, Inc. is the oldest and largest egg donation agency with more than 1,000 donors and14,000 recipients. Egg Donation, Inc. transforms lives by specializing in helping egg donation recipients realize their impossible dreams.

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Logo Design

Website Design

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  • The website needed to undergo a re-skin and SEO overhaul as part of a search marketing and usability improvement project.

  • Visuals and storytelling provided a compelling experience for women who were thinking about becoming donors or recipients. The storylines would change depending on which author (donor or recipient) was telling their personal story. We wanted the audience to search internally and discover their own motivation for getting involved with Egg Donation.

  • The look and feel of the site showcased the transformation with something as simple as beginning with a hand-drawn sketch that morphs into a photograph of the family.  


After the website re-design in 2011, there was a 500% increase in conversions.