Kitty Attack Blog

The Kitty Attack Blog was an insurance sales microsite created for Additional Facebook and Twitter presences were created to maintain the fictitious character's (General Grover Cleveland) persona. This is one video of a five part series.

For years, General Grover Cleveland, the cat, has worked alone to put humanity in its place—but now he’s seeking support from minions the world over at the Kitty Attack blog — with hilarious results. On his new site, this devious feline will blog about his exploits, illustrating battle plans and posting video footage of gut-splittingly funny kitty attacks. He’ll also seek suggestions from potential supporters of every species, and whenever possible, implement their ideas in future attacks. We don’t dare call it the next LOL cats (although we won’t be surprised if you do), but the Kitty Attack blog is so funny, it just might make you pee your litter box!



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