MNJ Technologies

MNJ Technologies is a leading provider of business grade computer hardware and software technology products for enterprise businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions.

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Creative Direction

Brand Strategy & Platform

Logo Design

Print Design

User Personas

Sitemap & Wireframes

Responsive Website Design

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Email Design

Presentation Design

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Tradeshow Event Design

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  • With the acquisition of an established and sophisticated services provider, there was a need to overhaul the brand identity and messaging to let clients know that MNJ was now capable of providing comprehensive technology solutions along with their depth of their knowledge as a reseller of hardware and software technology products.

  • Increase online engagement, drive conversion, and improve online sales.


  • Established a strategic brand platform, design language, cohesive messaging, and refreshed the brand standards.

  • Created extensive content, print, and digital materials that conveyed the full suite of services offered by the company.

  • Developed a library of templates and system of design components that could be used repeatedly to improve time to market.

  • Developed a fully responsive marketing site to use as a lead generation tool for sales and marketing at MNJ Technologies.

  • Created a consistent e-commerce site that reflects their world-class reputation, while embracing the reality of mobile users and digital shoppers.

  • Created a one-of-a-kind trade show experience that would be hands on for increased engagement, reinforcing their technology leadership.


  • Within a few months into our 2-year retainer, we were able to improve the sales team’s ability to engage and nurture potential customers and help them learn about their services earlier in the selling cycle with more memorable and persuasive campaigns.

  • The team gained greater insight into campaign performance and how specific marketing assets performed.

  • Optimized site performance across all devices, measured in download speed.

  • Increase in overall online revenue from all website traffic sources in December 2017 as compared to December 2016.