Newmar Motorcoaches

Print Design, Website Design


Motorhome manufacturer launching its new luxury brand, the 2006 Essex, in a way that would appeal to their elite audience.

Insight and Strategy:

The goal was to separate marketing for the Essex from the “sea of sameness” of competitors in the industry. After reading, researching and interviewing dealers, Finelight learned Newmar’s highline products are sold differently to men and women. Thus, the marketing needed to be more focused, to sell “him” on the motorcoach’s masculine features and “her” on its luxury.


A “his and hers” catalog was created with a companion website. The catalog is composed of two separate brochures—one speaks to the female buyer’s affinity for elegance and a lavish interior, while the other sells the sleek exterior and mechanical features of the Essex to male buyers. Custom studio photography was used in both pieces to highlight the quality, craftsmanship and elegance of the product.


RV dealers and customers across the United States and Canada recognized the innovative marketing strategy as redefining how the recreational vehicle industry sells luxury. After the launch, the buzzworthy campaign has stood out among competitors, who have attempted to emulate it, and the Essex line saw 45 percent growth.