A Brief Interactive History Lesson


The other day, I was asked to dust off some old work for our weekly creative show and tell. I've had a hard time tracking files down in my archiving system. I've changed computers and archiving systems so many times, that I can't remember my naming conventions. So, when I started searching, I was looking for old multimedia presentations and websites. In 1994, the field of interactive multimedia was suddenly all the rage. I began creating floppy disk presentations with Macromind Director for my agency. Eventually, it became Macromedia Director and we developed bigger and bigger presentations on CD-ROMs. Since Flash came along, I haven't had any reason to open Director. I finally located some of these old floppies in a box, but I no longer have a disk drive to take a look.

In 1995, I developed my first website. It was pretty darn lame. It had an animated gif and a tiled background. Hey, wait a minute... it looked a little like someone's myspace page.

In 1996, I switched from traditional graphic design to interactive design. This is when I started designing websites for our agency clients. I've included some screen captures for your enjoyment. They are all from 1996. Feel free to critique the lack of usability standards and to just generally make fun! A little bird once told me, just because you have editing software, doesn't mean you are a web designer. Sad thing is though, these still look better than some of the sites that are still out there. Thank goodness for usability standards!

Keep rockin' like Dokken!

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