MarryMade Wedding Map Creator Kit

MarryMade Wedding Map Creator Kit


Introducing the MarryMade Wedding Map Creator kit, a collection of over 145 high-quality illustrated vector map icon elements designed to help you create a unique wedding map, timeline, or invitation while saving you time and money.

Now you can take matters into your own hands with a variety of pre-made vector map elements that you can fully edit, adapt, or mix and match. Add architecture, transportation, cakes, rings, dresses, tuxedos, roads, lakes and rivers, land shapes, highway markers, etc. The possibilities are unlimited with these meticulously organized, user-friendly files, pre-made card templates, and detailed user guide PDF. This kit is meant to be multi-purpose and can be used for any design project. The goal is to make a fun and creative map for your guests to simply show the general crossroads and locations of your wedding day destination and itinerary or a romantic love story timeline.

With this kit, I am offering the vector artwork that can be re-sized easily without loss of quality so that you can professionally print. (I do not offer the artwork in PNG file format as they will lose quality if resized and are not suitable for professional printing.)

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  • 3 Church Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Barn Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Transportation Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Bird Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Champagne Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Wedding Cake Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Bouquet Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Wedding Dress & Tuxedo Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Wedding Ring Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Gift Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Love Letter Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Camera Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Wedding Sign Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 7 Highway Road Markers (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 3 Compass Rose Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 9 Tree Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 4 Ribbon Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 30 Abstract Landscape Ground Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 8 Map Background Shapes (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 8 Lake and Wave Shapes (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 6 River Shapes (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 32 Single Line Road Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 32 Double Line Road Elements (Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS)

  • 2 Pre-Made 5x7 Cards w/ Editable Typography (Adobe Photoshop PSD that uses vector Shape Layers, Smart Object Layers, and editable text))

  • User Guide PDF



  • All of the high resolution vector map elements are in Adobe Illustrator .AI format (CS4+).

  • Fonts are free for both personal and commercial use and the download links are listed in the user guides. Other paid fonts are also suggested.

  • Fully customizable, resizeable, and well organized – you can edit the layer groups and layers, colors, fonts, vector shape artwork, and more. None of the artwork is raster.

  • Pre-made card templates are sized to 5" x 7" are designed in Adobe Photoshop .PSD format (CS4+). It is a high resolution template is in CMYK format and is double sized up to 600dpi. These pre-made card files do not include bleed so you would need to check with your print vendor to get the appropriate specs before exporting.



  • A working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is suggested.

  • The files are not intended to work with any other software. You can get free 30-day Adobe software trials here:

  • ALL DESIGN CUSTOMIZATION is done by THE PURCHASER (in Illustrator or Photoshop).

  • Purchaser must know how to install fonts.

  • Designs will vary depending on the artwork added into the templates.

  • Your own custom designs will vary depending on the text and artwork added.

  • Every print usage has slightly different needs. We have simply provided general templates to show examples of what kind of maps you can create. The purchaser will need to adjust size, artboard dimensions, save, or export their final template according to their own specific deliverables and printer vendor’s needs. Every print vendor has slightly different needs for artboard dimensions, file sizes, formats, and color specifications (CMYK or Spot). We are not responsible for printing errors. Please ask your print vendor for advice if necessary.



This question comes up A LOT in our business. Choosing which format to work with depends on your end use deliverables.


If you’ll be producing a high resolution print deliverable out of the brand board templates, we always recommend using the Adobe Illustrator formats as the vector artwork can be infinitely scaled up and down in size with no loss of quality, resolution, or clarity.


If you’re only focusing on web deliverables, and won’t have a need for high resolution print deliverables, you can use Photoshop formats. As you know, Photoshop was originally developed as a tool to enhance photographs. With that in mind, you should only export out to a Photoshop file for when you are working with lower resolution pixel-based raster images for usage on web and mobile. Even though our layer groups were created with vector-based artwork, Photoshop files such as .jpg, .tif, .png are never recommended for high resolution print work, or scaling up and down in size.



  • We don’t offer refunds on Instant Downloads, so we encourage you to ask all questions before purchase and we’ll be more than happy to provide guidance and suggestions.

  • Again, the files are not intended to work with any other software. They have not been tested in any other editing software, so we cannot answer whether they would be compatible or not.

  • Product mockup photos shown are for display purposes only and not included in the kit.

  • Customization services are not included in the listing price. If you would like help with customization, we offer separate add-ons for customization services and brand consulting packages. Please email me at for more information.

  • Technical support services are not included in the listing price, but we are happy to doublecheck things on our end if you happen to encounter errors with our digital files.

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